Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital held a new recruitment of mid-level cadres clean government collective talk
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2019-09-10 Share with friends:

88County People's Hospital召开New middle-level cadresParty style and clean government collective talkSecretary of the General Party Branch of the hospital Xie Rong, President Jiang Yaowen, Vice President Guo Yehui and all new middle-level employees attended the meeting.会议Comrade Xie Rong presided over

首先,President Jiang Yaowen put forward three requirements for the new middle management: First, the new middle management must do a good job of handover,There shall be no job vacancy and there shall be no responsible person;Second, we must be honest and self-disciplined in our new posts,Hold the bottom line, do not cross the red line, do not touch the high voltage line;Third, the newly appointed middle level should actively move closer to the party organization,Always be strict with the standards of party members。

Secondly, Vice President Guo Yehui stressed that all new middle-level personnel should improve their political position, reposition their new positions, and be confident and responsible。And carefully study health laws and regulations, to do the rules, incorruptible self-discipline, to high standards of strict requirements of their own, to establish a clean risk awareness, clean life, clean work。

Finally, Xie Rong, secretary of the General Party Branch of the hospital, put forward five requirements for the honesty and self-discipline of the new employees: FirstTo adapt to the role change, improve the ideological and political position;二是It is necessary to combine the study of political theory with the study of business knowledge and strengthen it effectively"Four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", to ensure that the work is promoted effectively and implemented in place;三是We must earnestly study the Party Constitution, Party rules and Party discipline, and resolutely implement the eight-point regulations of the Central Committee."Fasten the safety belt of integrity and turn the steering wheel of power"四是Clear work objectives and tasks, think positively, take the initiative to ensure that the work has ideas, innovation, set a good position, achievements;五是It is necessary to strengthen the study of business knowledge, improve the professional technical level and management ability, and play a good role as an example。

通过此次Group talk,The new middle manager has a new positionOne step further认识Build consensus and lead by Party building科室建设,One step furtherStrengthen responsibility廉政意识And strive to create a good political environment for the development of hospitals。