The harm of overuse of antibiotics and countermeasures
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        In recent years, the overuse of antibiotics has been reported, and the resulting drug-resistant superbugs have the potential to have a very large impact on our public health。So here's a look at the dangers of overusing antibiotics and how to deal with them。


1. What are antibiotics??

Antibiotics are a large class of biochemical substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria in the human body, and can alleviate the harm to the human body due to colds, surgeries and other pathogenic bacteria。According to the effect and scope of application, it can be divided into broad spectrum antibiotics and narrow spectrum antibiotics (suitable for specific bacteria).。

2. Common antibiotics and types in daily life:

Antibiotics include a large class of substances, which can be mainly divided into the following categories: penicillins, cephalosporins, aminoglycosides, macrolides, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, lincoamides, etc。At present, our common antibiotics are acetylspiramycin tablets, roxithromycin tablets, amoxicillin, Avantamycin (for cold injection), metronidazole (for the treatment of toothache) and so on。At present, the majority of people in our country take antibiotics, there is an overdose and abuse of the situation, is the amount of Europe and the United States and other countriesMore than 10 times。


3. One of the dangers of overusing antibiotics:

According to reports, to2050 would result in $20 trillion in economic losses in our country and 1 million people going untreated every year。In the process of human disease prevention and control, antibiotics will inevitably be used, which can play the purpose of anti-inflammatory sterilization。The amount of antibiotics is very critical, if excessive use, although it can achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory sterilization, but for bacteria, the more serious consequence is to make the cells generally produce resistance, so as to further produce resistance

     Superbugs that are resistant to various antibiotics。



Then, if you need to treat the same disease in the future, you need to inject a larger dose of antibiotics to inhibit the growth of bacteria, or a large dose of antibiotics are ineffective, which is what humans worry about。


      4. The second harm of overusing antibiotics:

In addition, the human body can also produce allergic reactions to antibiotics, and the current common penicillin skin test is a necessary step for the human body to inject penicillin, because of the fear of serious allergic reactions。If you overuse antibiotics, you will also have allergic reactions to more antibiotics in the future。



5. Therefore, we should pay enough attention to the phenomenon of the abuse of antibiotics。At present, Chinese people are not aware of health care, and when they get a cold, they will take cold medicine and anti-inflammatory drugs (common ones such as roxithromycin tablets), and they will take large doses for a long time。This phenomenon will increasingly aggravate the current situation, we must pay enough attention to take countermeasures。What should we ordinary people do?


6. One strategy: Don't take antibiotics unless you have a fever。

The human immune system has a certain resistance to common pathogens, and it can recover without the help of external antibiotics。In the process of human immune response, temperature change is one of the important phenomena of human immune response, and it is also an important index of disease monitoring。If the body temperature rises, it indicates that the body is undergoing an immune response and should be treated with antibiotics。



7. Strategy two: The dose of antibiotics should be reasonably controlled, stop immediately after achieving the therapeutic effect, and do not overdose。

Long-term use of antibiotics will not have a serious impact in the short term, but if long-term overdose, it will make the human body's pathogenic bacteria produce more and more serious resistance。In the future, if the same disease needs to be treated, it will require higher doses of antibiotics and higher treatment costs。

In addition, many farming industry is currently in the overuse of antibiotics, for these containing antibiotics in meat, poultry or dairy products, we must properly control the amount of consumption, these potential antibiotics are also very harmful。


8. Strategy three: Antibiotics should be used alternately, and a single antibiotic should not be taken for a long time。

The inhibition mechanism of different antibiotics on human pathogenic bacteria is different, some inhibit cell wall synthesis, some inhibit protein synthesis, and some inhibit nucleic acid transformation。Long-term use of a single antibiotic will lead to more and more resistance of pathogenic bacteria, and the treatment effect will decline significantly。The best way is to control the dose and alternate treatment with a variety of antibiotics to achieve the best results。

However, it is important to note that different antibiotics should be taken appropriately, otherwise superbugs that are resistant to all antibiotics will be created, and eventually medical consequences will occur when you get sick and all antibiotics are ineffective。

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