Introduction to pediatrics
Author: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County 时间:2018-02-22 Share with friends:

Our department adhere to the "patient as the center, to satisfaction as the purpose" to warm and thoughtful service concept, exquisite medical technology, to provide quality services for the majority of patients。

Our department has: ECG monitor, electrocardiogram machine, non-invasive ventilator, ultrasonic fog machine, percutaneous jaundice meter, neonatal warm box, blue light treatment instrument, neonatal hearing screening instrument and other advanced medical equipment。He has unique insights and experience in the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric common diseases, frequently-occurring diseases and difficult diseases,Especially for infantile infectious diseases (bronchopneumonia,麻疹,Infectious mononucleosis, toxic bacillary dysentery and viral myocarditis, infantile infectious diarrhea);Peptic diseases in children (thrush,Herpetic angina, acute gastroenteritis, infantile diarrhea),Immunological diseases in children (bronchial asthma,Anaphylactoid purpura) and other common diseases have accumulated rich clinical experience,A good curative effect was received。In the past 3 years, he has published 5 papers in national journals。The main backbone of the department has been to higher hospitals for further study many times,West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Leshan People's Hospital, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital,Emishan People's Hospital has maintained close business contacts,And there are Leshan City People's Hospital and Emei City People's Hospital experts fixed-point help,And can be remote consultation with Sichuan University West China Hospital。

All the medical staff of our department solemnly promise: always adhering to the professional, realistic, rigorous, innovative scientific spirit, in line with the idea of serving patients wholeheartedly, to all patient-centered service purposes, dedicated to provide the majority of patients with superb medical technology and quality medical services。