The rehabilitation medicine department of the county People's Hospital carries out orientation walking training for the blind
Author: Yu Ling 时间:2023-09-11 Share with friends:

In order to enable people with visual disabilities to master the correct directional walking knowledge and skills, be able to go out of the house and participate in social life, improve the equal participation and integration of blind people into society, and gradually realize the disabledWith the goal of "everyone has access to rehabilitation services", from September 7 to 8, 2023, with the assistance of the staff of the county Disabled Persons' Federation, the rehabilitation medicine department of our hospital carried out a two-day orientation walking training for the blind in Guangming District, with the participation of 13 visually disabled people。

This training is divided into theoretical knowledge teaching and practical interactive guidance,Training meeting,Two rehabilitation therapists from the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine explained in detail the basic theory of directional walking for the blind, indoor positioning methods, accompanying skills, blind cane use and independent walking,And carry out practical operation training,To help students with low vision master the skills of correct orientation, safe contact, blind passage, stairs and the correct use of the blind rod,Give timely correction and guidance to non-standard actions。

This training is conducive to helping people with low vision master the skills of directional walking and improve the social adaptability of students with low vision。